Thursday, September 29, 2011

K9 Camera Award for Best DOGumentary goes to Videographer Brian Potts

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Long Island, New York

K9 Camera Award 
Goes to Videographer Brian Potts 

Nationally acclaimed Videographer and Dog Trainer Brian Potts, was recently awarded the K9 Camera Award 2011 for Best DOGumentary for his behind the scenes look at America’s most experienced Pet Photographer, Richie Schwartz.

Simply, but aptly named “ Profile of America's Pet Photographer” the production stars Schwartz and several dogs. Often called the Dog Whisperer of Pet Photographers because of his uncanny ability to calm even the most energetic of dogs, Schwartz has photographed more than 70,000 pets over the last 30 years, giving rise to his reputation as "America’s Most Experienced Pet Photographer".
Filmed and edited entirely by Potts, this seven minute DOGumentary takes a look at how Schwartz actually gets the animals to pose, why he chose to specialize in Pet Photography and other fascinating and fun scenes. Interviews and scenes were filmed in Schwartz's New York Pets Phototography Studio and on location at a national pet supply store.

Schwartz himself was recently named among the "Top 25 Pet People of 2010," a list compiled by NBC Universal's that includes Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degenres, Betty White and Elayne Boosler. The rankings are based on the individual's impact on the welfare of pets, the capacity to raise the public profile of pets in need and the ability to inspire others into action. Schwartz is listed at #23.

This is a Hi-Def video, we suggest full  screen mode

Alternate link:
Watch the video on YouTube here: DOGumentary 

Friday, September 2, 2011

You Can Be

This is an awesome video. It is not what you expect. A powerful message. Don't miss it.
It's only 60 seconds but  it leaves an impression

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