Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Use Twitter's Newly Designed Profile

My new Twitter Cover and Profile Pictures
Recently Twitter started rolling out their new look. I have been waiting my turn for my Twitter page @PetsPhotography to get the new look. Well today it arrived!  The most noticeable change is on the header photo and profile photo. You might be thinking it looks a lot like the Facebook 'cover' photo and profile photo. Yup, it does. There is now enough page real estate to fit an image across your whole page and a much larger profile image than before.

Being a specialist in Pet Photography  I wanted to use an image I have with  several dogs in it across the page. According to Twitter, the cover photo is best sized at 1500 x 500 pixels, but when I sized my image to those specs, it didn't fit. I thought I was doing something wrong but about the third time trying, a message popped up letting me know that on "some" wide screens, the image size has to be changed. The message didn't say what size to change it to so it took me a few minutes of experimenting with various sizes. I eventually settled for shrinking my image and then pasting it into a correctly sized canvas and then uploading that image.

The other obvious change is the larger profile picture. Twitter says for optimum appearance use an image measuring 400x400 pixels. After five years with the same profile image, a cute dog face, I decided to replace it with my own head shot. I decided it is time to have my Twitter match my Facebook ,  LinkedIn and Google+ profile pictures to better reflect my branding. As of now only my YouTube Pet Photography channel still has the old puppy face.

The other big change is that you can now "pin" a Tweet to the top of the page. That means that no matter how many tweets you make, the pinned tweet will always be the first one on the page. so that's a good way to show off your favorite tweet or re-tweet or even a link to something you love and want to share. 

There are a few other changes but I will save that for the next post. Go have fun, find a new cover picture for your Twitter, choose a Tweet to pin and don't forget to tweet me your new cover photo at @PetsPhotography
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