Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warning To All Photographers

Hazardous conditions are something that photographers sometimes have to deal with. Photographers who photograph wars, rock climbing, civil disobedience, and wildlife are some of the situations that come to mind when we think of hazardous conditions, but the reality is, danger lurks just around the corner for any photographer not paying attention to the shooting conditions they are in. No matter what kind of job you are shooting, I suggest arriving early and do a walk around of the area you will be shooting in. This video explains it all very well.
Be Careful Out There!!


  1. The camera in his right hand got quite a soaking! Poor guy!

  2. Oh the poor camera!
    At my very first wedding shoot ever I was shooting the groom in the back yard while walking around getting different angles. I stepped right into a hole in the grass and did a very ungraceful faceplant. Camera stayed in the air though!

  3. Well, this also speaks to the value of bringing backup equipment :)


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